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Cattle Crush Handling Systems


The cattle crush is unquestionably the most important feature of any cattle handling system. No other component will come under such intense pressure, and with health and safety such an integral part of our every day life it is now doubly important to ensure you have the correct crush for your needs.

Good cattle crushes will reduce stress on both animal and operator, thereby ensuring a safer and more productive environment.

We are able to offer cattle crushes to suit most needs and most budgets.

The cattle crushes we supply are extremely robust and offer the ultimate in flexibility and available options for their bespoke purposes. We can offer:

  • A choice of yokes
  • Rotating rump bar crushes
  • Full access crushes
  • Dual width crushes
  • Belly clipping crushes
  • Dairymaster crush
  • Specialist crushes – designed for different breeds and size of the cattle
  • General purpose crushes
  • Cattle crush optional extras also available
  • Manufactured by IAE
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