Rob Goddard Fencing And Agricultural Supplier

Equestrian Accessories


  • Swivel Troughs – Optional black plastic or steel trough fitted to pivoting frame allowing feeding from the stable passageway
  • High Low Hayracks – Galvanised frame with drop down feed hatch allowing easy fill. Alternative designs are available
  • Flat Bed Trucks – Turn table steering action with handle allows easy movability. Available with or without timber
  • Feed Barrows – Galvanised sheet metal construction with two large rear wheels and a small rotating front wheel
  • Corn Bins – Available in 3 sizes from 420 to 840 litres with optional partitions
  • Feed Hoppers – Easy fill via upper hinged lid. Lower hinged lid allows feed access
  • External window door and frame
  • Tack room doors
  • External sliding doors
  • Equine equipment
  • Paddock penning
  • Horse stocks
  • Manufactured by IAE
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