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Portable Cattle Handling


For ultimate flexibility why not take a look at our range of portable cattle handling equipment – suitable for field usage (can also be used in a yard but many require some permanent fixtures).

Our portable cattle handling system comprises of standard cattle hurdles (6 rail x 1525mm high) with solid bar vertical infillers between the rails for added strength, whilst yoke gates in hurdles and frames can be hung either left or right. All items are quick and easy to assemble and because of its modular nature you can make the system as large or as small as your needs or space will allow. We also sell 7 rail x 1830 high hurdles for use in collecting pens.

Your cattle handling system could include:

  • Yoke gates
  • Access kiosk
  • Sliding gates in race arch
  • Sliding gate system
  • 6 Railed cattle hurdles
  • 6 Railed cattle hurdles with inspection gate
  • 6 Railed hurdles with 1050mm diverter gate
  • 6 Railed cattle hurdles with 650mm access gate
  • Race arch with gate
  • Race arch
  • Gate in frame
  • Non return gates for race arch
  • Backing up bar
  • Drop over catch receivers
  • Cattle footbath
  • Manufactured by IAE
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