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Tornado Fencing Wire


We sell and stock Tornado Force 12 Fencing Wire. Tornado has been supplying the UK farming industry with innovative stock fencing solutions for more than three decades. They were the first company to introduce high tensile stock fencing in Britain, and today manufacture and source a large range of animal fencing for farm, game, wild and zoo environments. These high quality products are designed to keep livestock safely in and predators emphatically out, and to withstand the passage of time, animal impact and the very worst of weather. Their fencing is exhaustively tested and every roll is given a unique serial number to ensure complete traceability.

  • Titan barbed wire
  • Deer fencing
  • Hi-tensile 8/80/22 lamb safe fencing
  • Hi-tensile 8/80/15 stock fencing
  • Pheasant friendly wire
  • Premium rabbit wire
  • Budget rabbit wire
  • Badger fencing
  • Hi-tensile plain wire
  • Mild steel C8/80/15 x 50m
  • Otter fencing
  • Rabbit net
  • Plain staples
  • Barbed staples
  • 4″ Nails
  • 5″ Nails
  • Staples and nails also available by the kg
  • Manufactured by Tornado


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